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It Is Time

It is high time that I start writing again. It has been an embarrassingly long time since I posted anything of worth. But I decided that needs to change.  In a week, we will enter the season of Lent. As I am really excited for the season, my goal is to post a few thoughts along the way.

In the meantime, enjoy this awesome video that came to my attention today. It totally made me say, “What?? No way.”

Please Allow Me to Make Your Day A Little Better

Counting On God

Last night we had a special service at our church. Since it is an extra time of gathering, we have not had our kids in the services but instead, the kids are gathering for their own worship and learning time.

One of the things we like to do when it’s just the kids is crazy songs with lots of actions! They really like to dance around and sing super loud. Well, one of the songs we did last night is a song we often sing as a whole congregation. The music video started and most of the kids jumped out of their chairs yelling, “I love this one!” and began singing as loud as they could. It was pretty impressive. They really liked the song!

Well, when it was done, I asked them, “So what are you counting on God for? We just got done singing over and over, ‘Counting on God, I am counting on God.’ So what is in your life that you are counting on God to do?”

Their answers were amazing. A few were of course a little silly! But for the most part, they were identifying relationship that they are trusting God to take care of, friends who they are trusting God to care for, and needs for which they believe whole heatedly that God will provide. It was encouraging and challenging to me.

So my question for you today is the same, What are you counting on God for? What is happening in your life that all you can say is “I am counting on God!”

Halloween Candy

There were a plethora of comments in my mind as I watched this clip. But mostly, I laughed. Enjoy— for whatever it’s worth.

One Question: How can I get one of these?

I’m not a huge fan of their song choice, but seriously, how can I get one of these?

Keep Calm

The Three Little Pigs