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Counting On God

Last night we had a special service at our church. Since it is an extra time of gathering, we have not had our kids in the services but instead, the kids are gathering for their own worship and learning time.

One of the things we like to do when it’s just the kids is crazy songs with lots of actions! They really like to dance around and sing super loud. Well, one of the songs we did last night is a song we often sing as a whole congregation. The music video started and most of the kids jumped out of their chairs yelling, “I love this one!” and began singing as loud as they could. It was pretty impressive. They really liked the song!

Well, when it was done, I asked them, “So what are you counting on God for? We just got done singing over and over, ‘Counting on God, I am counting on God.’ So what is in your life that you are counting on God to do?”

Their answers were amazing. A few were of course a little silly! But for the most part, they were identifying relationship that they are trusting God to take care of, friends who they are trusting God to care for, and needs for which they believe whole heatedly that God will provide. It was encouraging and challenging to me.

So my question for you today is the same, What are you counting on God for? What is happening in your life that all you can say is “I am counting on God!”

No Clever Title.

One of the things that will never cease to amaze me is how I can read a passage or portion of scripture over and over, yet one day it will strike me in a way it never did before. This happened to me this morning. But it wasn’t just one passage, it was actually a sequence of chapters.

I started in Psalm 20. This is a chapter that I have a deep personal connection with, but that’s another story for another time. So I read it this morning and was once again moved at it’s words of prayer. But then I read Psalm 21 and it struck me as interesting because it’s the response from the one who was prayed for in chapter 20. The prayer in 20 is a prayer for the king and then immediately in 21 is the king’s response and testimony to what God is doing. Then something happens that kind of surprises me, we have Psalm 22.

The opening words in Psalm 22 are, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” It almost seems like it doesn’t fit the prayers of the king and for the king in the previous chapters… and I know that each chapter in Psalm represents a song that is to stand on it’s own. But today the order of these three chapters really stood out to me… because each of these chapters have something significant in common. Weather it’s a prayer for someone (Psalm 20), or a praise for how God is answering that prayer (Psalm 21), or a cry of anguish (Psalm 22), each of them all acknowledge this:

God is trustworthy.

20:7 says, Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
    but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.

21:17 says, For the king trusts in the LORD,
   and through the steadfast love of the Most High he shall not be moved.

22:4-5 says, In you our fathers trusted;
   they trusted, and you delivered them.
To you they cried and were rescued;
   in you they trusted and were not put to shame.

It made me think about this- that no matter what is happening in my life, I can trust God. I need to trust God. And God will come through. In good times, hard times, mediocre times- God is still God whom I may trust with everything.

God Is Strong

A small devotional thought. It’s designed with kids in mind…..

Do you have things that make you worried?

Do you have times that make you nervous?

Read Psalms 68:19


Psalms 68:19 says that God “daily bears our burdens.” This means that God is strong enough to carry the things that worry us. Burdens are things that make you worried or nervous or just seem to big to handle. God will take those everyday for us. We can pray and ask God take them for us. When we trust God to carry them, God will take them and we won’t have to worry!  God is strong enough to take them!!!

Spend a moment thanking God for taking your burdens for you. If you have any more burdens to give to God, do that right now!

God Is Always Faithful

A small devotional thought. It’s designed with kids in mind…..

Who do you trust to always be there for you?

What makes you trust someone?

Read Psalms 71:5

In this Bible verse, the writer is saying that he has always trusted God. God has been the One he trusted ever since he was a kid.  God has always taken care of him. God has been faithful to him. Because God has always been there for this guy, he has “hope” in God– he trusts God! God will always be there for you also. You can always trust God.

Pray and thank God for being faithful to you. Ask God to help you trust God always.

God Is Our Maker

A small devotional thought. It’s designed with kids in mind…..

Practice learning this Bible verse: Psalms 95:6

“Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the LORD our Maker ”

Copy it on a piece of paper a few times; or read it a whole lot, then try remembering it without looking.

God is our maker! God created each of us and each person is special! We can praise God for making us. Write a thank you note to God thanking God for making you special.