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The last couple of days have been really nice outside so I decided that I should walk to work. It just makes sense. I live close and it’s really nice and there is no real need to drive. So I walked to work. I think the best part is that it gives me a bit of time to just think.

Today I was thinking about a conversation I had last night with a friend. We were talking about Philippians 3:20-21. There’s this phrase in there that talks about eagerly waiting for Jesus’ return… It stood out to me and made me wonder, “Do I really live expecting Jesus to return?” It really has me thinking….

At the beginning of the church, everyone really believed that Jesus would return to earth very soon. We have the account in Acts 1 of the angels telling everyone that Jesus would come back the same way He left. And they really believed this: that Jesus was physically alive after his death, that he actually went to heaven, and that he really would physically come back to earth. But here we are centuries later, and that hasn’t happened.

But I don’t think this is an excuse to not expect him.

I suspect that if I lived in expectation of Jesus returning to earth, some of my choices and thinking would change. Instead of just expecting one day to die and be taken to heaven, if I live expecting that Jesus will return at any time, I think things would be a little bit different….

That’s what I was thinking over on the way to work this morning.

Song of the Month

I really like music. I like listening to all kinds of music and I like when I can make music. I just really like music.

I think one of the things I like so much is how powerful words seem to become when they are pared with music. There is just something about the combination of melody and lyric. I think there was a day and age when poetry did what song does for us now. I believe in our time, our poetry is our song. So here is a song that just moves me to the core.

The first time I heard it, I was forced to stop. The words totally caught me. What made me stop was this thought: I spend a lot of time focused on God’s love (which is a really, really good thing), but I spend very little time amazed by the holiness of God. If I begin to bask in the holiness of God, though, the God’s love becomes even more amazing…. But do I really allow the reality of God’s holiness to wash over me? What about you? What do you think?….


Colossians 1:15-23

I opened today’s passage and was overwhelmed with Jesus. Paul just pours out in his writing a great acclamation of who Jesus is… Then he draws our attention to the awesome reality that this creating, ruling, powerful Jesus has gone the distance to reconcile all people and all things to God. I was just overwhelmed… then I remember seeing this clip and I thought I would share it with you.

So today, I think the question is- who is your King and what is your King like? Have you chosen the Firstborn over all creation to be your King? Or is it your own ideals? Have you chosen the Creator of all things to be your King? Because he really is the best King for us- knowing us, loving us, desiring the best for us. He’s the one who made a way for reconciliation while we were still against him. He is a good King.