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Upward 100 Days of Payer, week 14

It’s the final week of practices and last game! Amazing how quickly it goes. Thank you for praying. Here are the final requests, March 5th to the Celebration evening.

March 5- The witness of players and cheerleaders at home and at school

March 6- Everyone to remain healthy

March 7- The ministerial staff

March 8- Enthusiasm & positive attitudes to remain strong

March 9- Spirit of Christian community to develop

March 10- (Last Game Day) Excitement for Celebration Night & seeking hearts

March 11- Preparation for Celebration Night

March 12- Safe travel for our special guest, Dave the Horn Guy

March 13- Celebration Night

Upward 100 Days of Payer, week 13

Upward request for the week of February 27th.

Feb. 27- Children in second grade

Feb. 28- Children in third grade

Feb. 29- Children in fourth grade

March 1- Children in fifth grade

March 2- Children in sixth grade

March 3- (Sixth Game Day) Halftime message & seeking hearts

March 4- Follow-up efforts to be fruitful

Upward 100 Days of Payer, week 12

Upward request for the week of February 20th.

Feb. 20- Work assistants on Saturday

Feb. 21- Final practice to go well

Feb. 22- Players and cheerleaders with difficult family situations

Feb. 23- Church maintenance crew, Todd & Dean

Feb. 24- Families of our pastors

Feb. 25- (5th Game Day) Halftime message & hungry hearts

Feb. 26- Children in kindergarten and first grade.

Upward 100 Days of Payer, week 11

It’s the middle of our Upward season!Here are request for the week of February 13th.

Feb. 13- Parents who are not involved with their child’s league

Feb. 14- Team host families

Feb. 15- Opportunities to share Christ with nonbelievers

Feb. 16- Church members to reach out to those without a church home

Feb. 17- Upward Gives Back Day– Food & clothing drive

Feb. 18- (Game Break) Physical and spiritual refreshing

Feb. 19- Players’ & Cheerleaders’ parents

Upward 100 Days of Payer, week 10

Daily prayer request for Upward Basketball and Cheerleading. Week of February 6th.

Feb. 6- 2nd-3rd grade parents

Feb. 7- 4th-6th grade parents

Feb. 8- Save travel to and from games

Feb. 9- A spirit of sportsmanship among all participants

Feb. 10- Consistent prayer among prayer partners

Feb. 11- (Fourth Game Day)Those presenting halftime message & hungry hearts

Feb. 12- The witness of coaches at home and at work

Upward 100 Days of Payer, week 9

Thank you for praying through the season with us. Here are the Upward prayer requests for the week of January 30th.

Jan. 30- The halftime commissioner

Jan. 31- The cheerleading commissioner, Noel

Feb. 1- Referees

Feb. 2- Concessions/fundraising workers

Feb. 3- Players to learn and understand their scripture passages

Feb. 4- (Third Game Day) Halftime message

Feb. 5- K-1st grade parents

Upward 100 Days of Payer, week 8

Upward prayer requests for the week of January 23rd.

Jan. 23- The league director, Connie

Jan. 24-A positive spirit in the gym on Saturday

Jan. 25- Coaches as they share devotions with players and cheerleaders

Jan. 26- Recreation area staff

Jan. 27- Operation of scoreboards, sound equipment & other details

Jan. 28- (Second Game Day) Halftime message

Jan. 29- Relationship between family members and Christians to develop